Thursday, July 11, 2013

Free cat tower plans

If you have a cat you probably know how had is to keep it happy and healthy. Moreover, if you live in an apartment without a backyard, you probably have a tough time getting it disused of climbing the furniture. doors and walls. Nevertheless, you should know that the solution to your problem is easier than you might imagine at first glance. Therefore, we recommend you to work with attention and to adjust the designs and the size of the cat tower we are going to show you in this article.

Cat tower plans free

If you have scrap wood (4x4 lumber) and several pieces of 3/4" plywood you can easily build the tower in a weekend and keep your cat entertained for many hours every single day. Moreover, if you pay attention to details the cat tower will shortly become the attraction of your house, as all your friends will be impressed by its rustic appearance.

Cat tower

If you want to see more information regarding the construction of the beautiful cat tower, we suggest you to check out the following link - . The project contain detailed instructions and it is illustrated with relevant diagrams.

After assembling all the components together with glue and screws, we recommend you to cover them with pieces of carpets.

Plumb the post with a spirit level before locking it to the vase of the tower, especially if you aim for a neat result. Moreover, it is highly recommended to sand the cut edges and to assemble the tower in a professional manner. Work with attention and always pay attention to details.